Тест на определение уровня


Вам предстоит выбрать один вариант ответа на каждый из 25 вопросов. Время на прохождение теста не ограничено, но фиксируется.

Вы можете вернуться и изменить Ваш ответ до нажатия кнопки «Далее».

Результаты теста можно обсудить с преподавателем курса. Ответ «Не знаю» предложен для того, чтобы добавить эту тему в персональную программу обучения.


1. Our new colleague is very friendly but she ____ very quiet.
2.  You ____ born in 1985.
3. Can you tell me the _____ to the coffee-shop?
4. I’ve got the flu. I ____ take some medicine.
5. We have demos ____ month.
6. He’s been studying Scrum ____ last year.
7. We haven’t spoken to our customer _____ days. He might be down with something.
8. The headquarters is in ____ south of the USA.
9. Our BA _____ passed his Agile methodology exams.
10. What would they do if they ____ have enough money for the project?
11. George ____ in the main office before so he found it very exciting.
12. The meeting room ____ look more cheerful if you paint it yellow.
13. My advice is that you _____ find another job. You can’t work with that awful boss any more.
14. The new project was _____ challenging than the previous one.
15. If I  _____  you, I’d speak with my line manager immediately.
16. How long have you _____  for this company?
17. They seem to have ____ money but they don't have much common sense.
18. I’ve got a job offer, _____ is why I’ve moved to Brussels.
19.  What _____ if you hadn't been chairing the meeting?
20.  ____ if you’d like to meet up tomorrow.
21. Her parents are very proud. She ___ a fantastic job with a well known IT-company.
22. How much do you think he ____ as the director of the company?
23. My laptop’s just broken down for the third time.  I wish I _____ it.
24. If I  ____ to your proposal, when could we sign the contract?
25. When do you think you _____ the back-end of the project?

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